Mr. Bosket studied painting at Parsons School of Design and received his M.F.A. from Yale University in 1995. He is showing nationally and teaches Anatomy, Color Theory, and Materials of the Artist at Parsons the New School. He specializes in raw materials and is available for corporate and private individual consultations and workshops.



Perception of our reality is fogged by our mind, the influence of our society [and culture], and any personal beliefs, visions, or experiences. I have spent the last seven years looking at my reality in consideration of all these filters, using drawing and painting. In this last series of works I am looking at space and our relationship to land. Where we position ourselves, both physically and mentally, affects our relationship with the world. The paintings serve as symbols to affect a change that will guide the viewer to a drifting perspective that allows for more points of view to enter.

When painting I observe the effect objects have on their surroundings. These observations become lines that follow the surface. They go around and through the objects and spaces to points that are unseen, in between (an edge), giving the painting an appearance of transparency. They represent multiple layers of time simultaneously present. There is also color and light, seen as one element.  This constantly changing element is always flickering in the paintings, never stilled, and yet unified. They are observations on a finite level of the truths, simple at times, but at others, complex, that we experience in life.