Form: Assumptions and Truths

Form: Assumptions and Truths is a new book by Thomas Bosket about the depiction of three dimensional¬†form through drawing. The book is a meditation; full of inspiration for artists, historians and those that appreciate form in all it’s forms. The soft cover book is 106 full color pages. The 4 “booklets” fold out and have a poster of each aspect of form on the opposite side….they are meant to be carried in your pocket to some field. The book is $36 and the booklets are $16 (plus shipping). Share →... Read The Rest →

Teaching Drawing: How we See, Think and Feel

We are seeking schools and community organization that would like to team up with us for some quick and incredibly rewarding educational, drawing explorations. I am an Assistant Professor at Parsons the New School, teaching a class called: Explorations in Drawing. I would love for my students to have the opportunity to share what they have learned with others. My hope is that we can work together to accomplish this goal. I have 16 students who can work with a variety of your faculty, so there‚Äôs room for curricular integration... Read The Rest →

Book 43

The liquidity of jesus. These forms melt your eyes….slide to the side. Share → Tweet

Book 44

Looking at the ancients, smashing with furor at FORM of “scholar”rock. Share → Tweet

Pod Drawings

Does anyone recognize these? The space on the shell of these reminds me of body armor- anyone ever feel that? Share → Tweet

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