Form: Assumptions and Truths

Form: Assumptions and Truths is a new book by Thomas Bosket about the depiction of three dimensional¬†form through drawing. The book is a meditation; full of inspiration for artists, historians and those that appreciate form in all it’s forms. The soft cover book is 106 full color pages. The 4 “booklets” fold out and have a poster of each aspect of form on the opposite side….they are meant to be carried in your pocket to some field. The book is $36 and the booklets are $16 (plus shipping). Share →... Read The Rest →

Late Silver (update)

This phase is the end of this one. It is now lit, but hazy like a British walk in the park. Share → Tweet

Sea Palm (Stick it)

Two phases and then the final work at the top! HEY it does drift a bit…this mo is gorgeous in life! Share → Tweet

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