I teach a range of workshops with a focus on tuning the human instrument to perceive more and make unexpected discoveries so that you are best able to communicate your intended message. My greatest interests lie in the gap between experiences, I prefer poetry and nonsense toward a greater intention more than explanations and clear understanding.

Hopefully my interests and passion will help guide you deeper into a place that has always been within you. Creativity should be taught creatively. To have a chat about how I may serve your needs, contact me. See ya’, just off center…

Honing your Vision:Deepening your Practice (Check Calendar for upcoming dates.)

In this workshop we will be going on a journey together through some tough stuff and some very stunning parts of what it means to be human- a journey that exposes your deepest longings and desires. One that will be tough at times and thrilling at others, you will be taken out of your brain into your body, you will be exposed to raw energies and experiences that may be uncomfortable but definitively alive.

Growth is frequently disconcerting, sometimes difficult and can seem impossible. Even when we do grow, we don’t always consciously understand what happened or if it was beneficial to us in the moment. But I think we do sense the benefits of an experience that “rattles our cage” of complacency. And once the newfound awareness settles in we find limitless fountains of inspiration from it.

We will not be taking the easy road to discussing your work, listening to what you think/feel it is about and then asking you to have a different take, or to try something new. We will take your work, extrude it through a healthy dose of imaginal visioning, hand you some new tools to “fight the good fight” and then prod you to use them to your capacity. You will spend most of your energy creating work, you will listen to what is offered to you and you will absorb it by drawing.

The practice will also include: imaginal visioning, sounding and breath work, exposure to new ways of handling materials, using your senses to examine an inspiration for drawing, “drawing out” the life from everyday experiences and honing these explorations into a refined statement about who you are and what you want to say.

Before committing to this workshop you should be aware that this will be a lot of work and investment of “soul”. This workshop will test your limits and possibly push you over an edge that you have held onto for a long time. But you will leave triumphantly full of new energy and awareness of how big the creative world can be!












Tapping the Source (Check Calendar for upcoming dates.)

Have you been feeling adrift in your artistic process lately?

Thomas Bosket and Rhonda Mann are excited to be offering a workshop for those who are feeling a bit lost in their artistic experience.  The wealth of knowledge they have to offer includes art history (focus on the contemporary), self-made tools to help people hone their visions, and tapping the heart of what makes us want to express our ideas.

Thomas and Rhonda have been artists and friends for many years. They both have a passion for creating art and helping others to expand and express their artistic vision.  Both artists/teachers bring overlapping and separate strengths to the practice of teaching.

This workshop will push people to examine, play, and truly experience their worlds, both inner and outer.  Using what we know and find fascinating can be a never-ending source for creating.  Sometimes surprising combinations of concepts can spawn exceptional expression.  Come and join them in days filled with laughter, joy and creation.

Masters Methods- Modern Opportunities (Check Calendar for upcoming dates.)

Here is a rare chance to learn the methods of painting that the great masters of art have used for centuries! We will explore how to juggle the many contrasting elements of Hue, Value, Chroma, Temperature, Spread, Vibration, Clash and Extension used in the act of painting. This will lead the orchestration of our choices towards a more exacting symbol of our intentions. In other words, our painting looks more like what we intended.

Learn to mix colors precisely, control the viscosity of the paint (on the painting as well as on our brush), layer color and control texture through glazing and scumbling. This will all be taught in acrylic, but will be very useful to painters of all mediums.

Historical review will be a component of the course, not in an effort to copy or replicate, but to understand it thoroughly enough to apply the knowledge as a guide to our current concerns and explorations in a more directed manner.

Subjects addressed:

I. Pigment history- how historical and modern pigments affected an artist’s palette and ultimately determined a large part of their creative expression. Knowing what is on your palette and how it rests within the history of pigments as well as the inherent qualities within a particular pigment greatly affects your final outcome.

II. Refined brush choices and usage (practical studio usage as well as historical usage will be addressed).

III. Paint texture/viscosity/rheology- how wet/dry, thick/thin, sticky/buttery our paint is affects the marks and textures we are able to create. Learning how to control these issues and to see them “built” in a systematic manner allows us to make choices that are more aligned with what we want to convey. We have more control, but more importantly we have more subtle ways of manipulating the paint that allows our work to communicate more freely and directly to a viewer.

IV. Indirect Color Mixing- complex color is creating in layering that is not available by direct mixing alone.

Off Center Color Camp

Color study has been taught as a series of rules and theories. These were set up to guide people and they did just that. But they have also come to restrict personal observation and discovery. In this course we use the basic rules of color to explore, uncover magic of “color-light” and best communicate our intended message.

The theories of contrast (spread, clash, vibration and extension), relativity (simultaneous contrast), the illusion of transparency and the reasoning behind harmonies will be addressed. Readings to address color and current cultural concerns will be from Chromaphobia and What Color is the Sacred?

This course is a wonderful refresher for those that already have studied color and can serve to set a beginner on a track to further study.

This course will stretch your understanding of color and it’s usage in art and design in the contemporary world like no other color course we have seen. If you have questions if this course is right for your interests or level of ability, please email the professor to discuss.